The important thing to remember is that it is the journey that counts, not the destination..

"Most of our lives are a series of images, they pass us by like towns on a highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever."-Lucas Eugene Scott [One Tree Hill, Season Three]

My posts will be about life, influenced by all the moments and memories that inspire, challenge and touch me..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Power of Support...

Having a great support base is one of the most important things in life. I am so lucky to have my parents in my life. They are so supporting. For my whole life, they have always offered my siblings and I this immense and overwhelming support. From trying our best at school (no matter what the result we were always asked if we did our best, and they would be satisfied with that) to the huge things that happen in life.

I appreciate it more than they would know, especially recently. They have really listened to me and are helping me as best as they can.

Love you guys.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Motivation..

I have a quote that is absolutley my favourite. It gives me hope, inspires me and motivates me to keep moving forward (no matter how little or big the steps) and participating in life. The quote is:

This quote has helped me during some really dark times, when I have struggled with faith, hope or identity. Allowing me to stop and breathe, to realise that no matter what life throws at you, it will be ok. It has to.

As Will said to Grace, your story doesn't end here if it is meant to have a happy ending.

I don't believe everything is pre-determined by fate, we have the ability to make choices and decisions which ultimatley work to shape not only our experiences but the person we are and the kind of person others percieve us to be. YOU can still make a change, or improve your outlook. So you are having a bad day, it doesn't have to mean that you have a bad life.

Try it the next time you feel like all hope is lost,

"Everything will be okay in the end...if it's not okay, it's not the end"

This helps me to believe that something amazing is on the way!

Kooklah Xx

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sometimes you just have to...

Sometimes you just have to take a stand.
Sometimes you just can't sit back.
Sometimes you just can't stay quiet.

Sometimes you need to get up, move forward and make  some  alot of noise.
To be heard. To be seen. To be recognised or noticed.
But sometimes it is not even about yourself, it is about someone else. Someone you know and love, or a complete stranger whose story captures you. Compels you to do something. To fight for their rights.

To take a stand for someone and make people notice that something IS an issue, that you think something is not ok, is really brave. It is noble.

Not enough people do.

Today I couldn't take it, so I made some noise. I made sure people knew that I didn't like the way someone was been treated. They heard. They listened. They acted. I just hope a change happens.

Stay tuned...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Making time...for Self Care

"Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance.." (Buddhist Teaching)

I think it is really important to make time to just breathe and do something for yourself. Yes you are busy. We all are. Some people have demanding jobs, some are trying to study and work, some have families or intense hobbies. No matter what, for the vast majority of us atleast there never seems to be enough time. Time to complete all the mundane tasks or time to really let go and enjoy ourselves.

When I was completing my degree, we were always told about the importance of self care (click the link for a great article by Elizabeth Scott) which is basically setting aside time to allow yourself to relax, revitalise or rejuvinate. Self care 'sessions' do not have to be complex or time consuming and can be worked into our everyday lives. In saying this, it often becomes a rarity, or as Elizabeth discusses, something that people feel should take a backstep to the many other things requiring their attention. I am definitely guilty of this. I think in the short term, that can be fine (for instance you are working hard to meet an assignment deadline but then will relax the moment you can click submit) but continually giving up this time on a long term basis can have vastly negative effects.

Some negative effects of a daily, weekly or monthly routine lacking in self care sessions can include increased stress-physical/mental/emotional, increased chance of inappropriate emotional outbursts-tears/yelling/snapping, reduced ability to sleep well, lowering immune systems leading to illness but also minor issues like tension headaches/grounding teeth/fatigue, inability to enjoy time off and reduced ability for effective communication, concentration and judgement.

Below are five catergories of self care options and some ideas to achieve self care. There are of course, a very large amount of ways to complete self care- I am only aiming to highlight some simple, easy to achieve ways to get people started. I will also state what my favourite ways are!

Physical- do something with your body, pamper it, move it around...
*Book a treat for yourself, such as a massage - be it soothing, remedial (my favourite). Anyone in the hunter valley should look up Emily Jane Massage Therapy, I can personally vouch her, or have a DIY pamper session (I love to take all my makeup off,use my at home facial kit and then paint my nails)
*Hot shower with nice body wash, or soaking in a bath with candles and/or glass of wine
*Going for a quick walk or exercise (20-30minutes can do wonders)
*Have a rest, put on some calm music (or your favourite) and have a nap

Environmental- Do something with the elements! Use nature how  it was intended...
*Sit in the sun- read a book, play with a pet or just look up at the sky
*Go to the beach- walk along the shore, dip your toes in the water and sit with your hands sifting through the sand, listen to the waves
*Go for a walk through a garden or park, look at animals and enjoy some quiet
*Dance in the rain, lie on a blanket and look at the stars, watch a sunrise/sunset

Mental-take care of or strengthen your mind...
*Create a list of things to do/things you want to achieve. Can be a bucket list (things to do before you die), a cradle list (things to do before you have children), or any other timeline (I currently have one going for things I want to complete before 2013).. Make sure you don't just focus on serious things but also fun things e.g. fingerpainting/karoke/hot air balloons
*Take some time to read a book or magazine- could be five pages, a chapter, one story
*Complete a puzzle/sudoko/crossword
*Watch a few episdoes of your favourite tv show (or one you have wanted to catch up on)

Emotional-express, reflect on or recognise your feelings...
*Write someone a letter (write to a friend, an organisation to support something you believe in or even write one to yourself)
*Think about your fears, can any be conquered or attempted in a positive way? If so, go DO it!
*Reflect on your feelings and then think about where you want to be and what you want to do in life. Think/find some affirmations to repeat to yourself on a daily basis-especially when you are stressed. 
Some of mine include: 'She believed she could, and so she DID', 'Everything will be ok in the end, if it is not okay, it is not the end', 'Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you are right'
*Spend the day with some kids (if you don't have any mind your neice/nephew/cousin/friend's children), children are great therapy! They find joy in so much and th sound of their laughter or the wonder in their voice at something new can really lift your spirits. My little cousins have saved my mindset on many occasions and treating them makes me feel positive!

Spiritual-take some time to focus on your own beliefs or to re-determine what you do believe in.
*Light a candle and say/think a prayer/blessing/hope/affirmation (you don't have to follow a religion to do this). I light a candle whenever I am in need of hope, or when I am remembering those beautiful friends of mine that I have lost. Candle light is so soft and soothing, even in the day time.
*Think about your safe place, a peaceful place. What does it look like? Are there people or animals there? What can you hear/smell/taste/feel? Next time you are stressed, faced with your fears or upset. Take a second, breathe, close your eyes and take yourself to that place.
*Meditate-to music, an actual meditation tape or piece of writing, or sit down somewhere comfortable and breathe deeply, stretch and concentrate on your breathing. Five minutes can change your day. My aim is to have meditated for atleast 60 minutes every week (either broken up or one whole session)
*Do something for someone else. Donate to charity, spend time listening to a friend, volunteer, do a good deed each day- whatever it is, it can help put into perspective that we are not the only ones with issues, and that by helping others we can help ourselves.

As I said, the above points are just brief examples or ideas... Mainly used to inspire those who may not have known where to start, or what to do. Writing a list of things you'd like to include in a self care session of your own can be a great help. Ensures lots of variety!

Some examples from people I know (just basics)..
L- takes walks on the beach, plays with her dog and when she sees her mum they share champagne
M- lights candles, plays music, treats herself, goes to the gym
E- takes time to draw, sketch, think, spend time in nature

My favourite things to do are- the pamper routine above, spend some time in my pjs watching a tv show, think about my peaceful place, write short stories/work on my novel, play music and focus on my breathing, take a walk, look up at they sky, create lists of things to achieve, spend time with people who make me laugh; who let me be myself and who support me, spend time with the little children I am lucky to know, wash my hair and have a hot shower, remedial massages.

"Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." Lucille Ball

I would love to read what other people love to do! Happy self-caring, Kooklah Xx.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make no apologies...

One of the best lines in a tv show.. ever?
 "I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke.."
Most people have been there, when a relationship falls apart, when you like someone and they make you promises and don't follow through or when the person you are crushing on, or someone you love, violates the trust you have given them.

It is one of the worst things ever when you put your belief in someone and get this little picture of happiness inside you, a feeling of hope and then it all comes crashing down. This has happened to me lately. Some people should not make promises or instill hope when they are unable to follow through.

Someone can judge you, berate you, not understand you- but if they have caused the pain, they should not really get a say as to how you pick up the pieces and eventually put them back together. Some days you just need, just want to make it to the next, You aren't concerned with been perfect, the word, the notion has no bearing, you just want to survive. To not feel alone. Disconnected. Unhappy.

If someone is going to solely base their opinion of you on you at your worst, you don't need them in your life. If they can't take you then, what makes you think they deserve you when you shine brightly? When you have so much to offer, so much joy, love, hope. They don't. Life isn't rainbows and sunshine every minute. Life is hard, life can be challenging. The important thing is not how you pick up and carry on (or how long it may take you to do so), but that you DO pick up the pieces and carry on. Take it one hour, one day, one week at a time. Rebuild. Reinvent. Renew.

A thought to finish, another quote from the character of Uncle Keith in One Tree Hill-
"Anyone who thinks this is more than you can handle is less than the kind of person you need in your life."

Find someone who understands, who is supportive and encouraging. They may not know what to do to help, but they will listen and comfort you.

Everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes...

Kooklah Xx

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Fever

Here comes the bride....

Those who know me well - or are linked to my Facebook, Pinterest or blog - are aware of how much I love weddings. I really do. I am interested in all the obvious details; the who, where, when and in what. But what really catches my interest is the 'smaller' details, the look on the groom's face as he sees the bride for the first time, the song they dance to, the little decorations placed at the reception.

I have been to alot of weddings, and have been involved in the bridal party in many of them. I am always excited to hear about someone's engagement or upcoming wedding, offering a helping hand when/if needed.

It is due to this that I have thought for a long time that I would like to work as a wedding consultant/planner/stylist. Assisting my best friend, Adina, to plan her wedding for this year has only further reinforced this thought...

and so, I have decided to post more wedding related posts not only on this blog but also in For the Style Seeking Girl, I have created a pinterest board on weddings- Kooklah Style Weddings and have just this week enrolled in a wedding planning course which will be a great step in becoming a certified wedding planner and possibly creating a business.

Very excited!

Kooklah Xx

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspire Me Monday

Some days just need a bit more spark. Something to lift the spirits, keep the mind focused on the plans and dreams yet to come. Give you a secret smile that will have others captivated and wondering what you are thinking about. So here goes, my list of five things that are inspiring me at the start of this week, something to make Monday not-so-blue.

Smelling of daisies...
 I have long wanted to own a bottle of 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs, one of my friends once bought it a few years ago and I have always loved the smell. It is so fresh, light, girly. Perfect. I finally own it :)

Fashion in Colour...
The last few days I have been drawn to this colour combination (see below) and I crafting an outfit in it. I love the clean, fresh, minimalist and summery feel that using white, gold and turquoise acheives, it is also effortlessly stylish. Makes me feel like I should be sunning on the Greek Islands or sipping Sangria in Italy looking at good-looking Italian men. One of my summer style picks for sure!

Travel Inspiration...
We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet, lovers igniting a war between families, by William Shakespeare. This balcony in Verona, Italy is the balcony used as inspiration for that very story. Due to this, I have always wanted to spend a few days in Verona, looking up to that balcony and imagining Juliet looking down, to see the wall of love letters and to write my own.

A Light Laugh, or Two...
My brother and I are watching Seinfeld, in order. We have seen nearly every episode previously but not in the order they were first screened or released. It has become one of my favourite past-times and we are halfway through (goal is to finish it this year). Kramer-the hilarious, scattered and intriguing neighbour of Jerry is a brilliant creation whose madness sometimes makes your mind marvel.

I was shopping the other day and found a fabulous pair of shoes at one of my favourite shops ZU. They are called 'Sunrise' -white lace with silver sparkle, 14.5cm heel and 5.5cm platform which elongates my legs. They are beautiful shoes, a work of art. I am considering wearing them in Vegas.

What has inspired the start to your week? Kooklah Xx

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's the Simple Things that Count..

This weekend I travelled the hour and 40 minutes that separate me and my best friend Adina. She is getting married at the end of the year and I am her maid of honour, I am so excited and honoured that she asked me to have this role. I have been helping her plan and put together the wedding, pre-wedding events, ceremony, reception included. So this weekend's trip was a chance to go over things and start organising the remaining aspects that hadn't been discussed or looked into yet.

This weekend not only provided a chance for wedding organisation and plans, but a chance for us to catch up and enjoy each others company for awhile. Alot has changed since Adina moved away- compared to living a few streets away from each other, which means we see each other a lot less.

When I got there, it was straight to business of catching up- changing into our pjs, pulling out some snack food and watching some dvds. We had alot to cover and laughed alot. It was lovely. Like most best friends, we speak our own language, know each others stories and can pretty much communicate without actually talking.

The next day we had a wedding planning 'meeting' on the fold out futon. Listening to possible wedding songs and discussing ideas for various aspects of the wedding day. Then in the afternoon with the sun spilling in from the window, we decided to have a nap.

It was so nice, to crawl under the doona (warm from the sun) and share private jokes as we fell asleep. It is those little, simple things that I look back on and favour the most. Two days of hanging in our pjs, a nap in the sun and countless laughing... including pillow fights and play fights.

Here is a pic of us about to have our nanna nap:

What is a simple moment with a friend that you love to look back on?
Kooklah Xx

Monday, July 2, 2012

Inspire Me Monday

Hi lovely readers! I love sharing this post of all the things inspiring me at the start of a week.
Sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue.
Here are five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week....

WANDERLUST- let's go on a journey...
People have always told me that once you go overseas, the travel bug gets you. I already have it... All I can think of are ways to get out of here and go explore another land. And so it is....

Only as old as you feel...
I love this picture below, the two elderly people going about their day, their spirits inside are young, dancing, joyful. Though we get older with time passing on, we can still have a free, fun seeking spirit.

Sparkle* up the Ordinary...
I love some sparkle, and especially if you can add it to a piece from everyday life.

Team Tartan
Ever since I was a little girl with my tartan dress I have loved the pattern. These days I have a much beloved vintage jacket that is tartan and would love to master these nails one day....

A Blast from the Past
Lately I have started to re-watch Veronica Mars, I used to love it when I was a teenager and it first aired. Her quick wit and super sleuthing powers, all mastered whilst in school. Plus the main character's own mystery which drives most waking hours had me hooked.

What is inspiring your week? Kooklah Xx

Sunday, July 1, 2012

82 days and counting.

82 days.

82 days and counting. I have exactly 82 days left before I get to take my suitcase and run off with one of my closest friends on an amazing adventure to America.

I am so excited, I cannot wait to get on that plane and fly away, to the future, to excitment, to hope, to wonder (and wander), to fun, to learning, to experiences I will remember for the rest of my life.

It will be a whirlwind trip I am sure, blink and you will miss it. But I am going to make sure that I make the most of it. Live each and every moment or experience I am lucky to be presented with, to the absolute full. The flying, the new food, new places and people.

I am so thrilled. My whole year has been inspired by this holiday. I look forward to sharing the experience with my friend but also to making many more on the Contiki tour.

Where are you (or have you) already travelled to this year?
Kooklah, Xx

Thursday, June 28, 2012

happy days

Some days I wake up and I have this amazing, warm feeling. The sun seems brighter, the sky is blue-r and everything seems to have a wonderful magic or music to it

This is how I woke up this morning. Bliss. The fact that I am with one of my best friends just adds to it. So far it has been a morning of giant coffee cups, laughing, amenities with music constantly playing,  doritos, salsa and the best guacamole I have ever had, the O.C, lunch plans and an old friend coming to visit us tonight!

Hope everyone finds some magic today,
Kooklah Xx

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time away with the best friend..

One of my best friends and I packed our bags this afternoon and headed a couple hours away to the coast.. Few days of relaxing, catching up, fun and adventures are on our agenda..

I love a midweek vacation. Brightens the soul alittle and takes away from stress that can build up during the week. We have dvds, good food  and some cocktails to drink...ladies of leisure for a few days.

Can't wait to update on the fun times had! Love you miss Emma T!
Kooklah Xx

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inspire Me Monday

Inspire me Monday-that time of the week again (missed last week due to some personal stuff but this post should more than make up for it). Sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week....

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" Marilyn Monroe... These shoes are amazing, a clever take from Jimmy Choo on the gladiator sandal by turning them into classy heels with a touch of glitter, for all you Aussies, click here for an amazing discount from the Manolo Blahnik Australian Outlet.

Retreat Memories
Mentoring on my old high school's retreat (for the third year), supporting the students through highs and lows they have experienced as well as providing them with tools for the future. Three days. Unbelieveable memories. This was our outdoor thinking spot, a place to go, be still. I am thankful for the people I was lucky enough to meet, the moments shared, the way they have changed my life and made it better... Whenever I am stressed or upset, I will look back on this and breathe. My own little solace, my own piece of heaven.

Words for Thought
The way we think really impact on how we feel, how we act and the kind of life we have. The three days on the retreat really reinforced that to me, especially when the people I was working with kept telling me that they viewed me as positive, determined and supportive... It really showed me that the internal conflict I sometimes put myself through, really is worthless. If I keep my thoughts and outlook positive it should translate to my life.

Notice ME Nails
I love nicely painted nails, and lately I have been really obsessed with brightly coloured nails. They can add a pop of colour to basic or monochrome outfits (including a work uniform if your job allows it). Once I have finished my no shopping challenge, I think I might buy a bottle or two of Revlon's new Colourstay Longwear Nail enamel, in the theme of gelbased nail polish Revlon have released a product that is affordable, long lasting with bright and intense colours. Looking forward to trying it! (colour pictured is Stormy Night)

A Journey to Jane's World
I have always wanted to read the works of Jane Austen, not just the six main novels but also her short stories and works collected after she died. One of my favourite movies is The Jane Austen Book Club (click the link for the trailor). So today I have started 'Pride and Prejudice' so far I am loving it. Have you read any of the novels?

Here's to another week, looking forward to a midweek break when one of my best friends and I are heading to the coast to eat good food, watch dvds, snuggle under bankets and enjoy each others company.
What is inspiring your week? Kooklah Xx....

Friday, June 15, 2012

Life's Small Pleasures...

Sometimes, after a busy few days, I like to have some 'me-time'. A chance to unwind, release stress and just relax for an hour or so.

Tonight, i came home from work, showered and got into winter pjs...then I settled into bed with a small bar of hazelnut chocolate to watch some episodes of "The Secret Life of Us".. I haven't seen it before, I was too young when it was first on tv. But even years later, the show resonates... the feeling you get with great friends-like tge world is yours, how great it is to have a male best friend, complicated or unsatisfying love lives and struggling to excel and enjoy your job.

With the plot and characters playing in the background, my room softly lit with the light of the feels pretty damn good right now. There is so much coming up on the horizon. And I can't wait.
Kooklah Xx

Monday, June 11, 2012

Inspire me Monday...

Inspire me Monday, because sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week....

(This is a 'co-post' with my Style blog- For the Style Seeking Girl Check it out)

Get Lost in the Music- Trial Kennedy, the Final Tour
(One of my favourite indie bands on the Australian Scene, saying goodbye at one last show)

Hairspiration- Braided Topknots
(Such a cute, fun and original take on one of my favourite hairstyle the topknot.
Check out my post on topknots: The Carrie Bradshaw Bun)

Wanderlust- New York City Calling
(Have a trip booked for September in New York City is one of the destinations!
So excited, cannot wait to explore the city I've been dreaming of all these years. Getting butterflies everytime it's mentioned! See this post on NYC as my money saving inspiration)

Look at ME Legs- Embellished Stockings
(A trend full of style, individuality and Sparkle... Click here for more)

Guilty Pleasure Read- Sugar and Spice
(Third novel in the L.A Candy Series by Lauren Conrad)

What is your favourite OR what is giving you inspiration at the start of the week? Check out my style blog For the Style Seeking Girl, or look me up and follow me on Pinterest. Hope your week started good!

Kooklah Xx

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reality TV Love

When I was going through school I was never the biggest fan of reality tv-apart from shows like the block. But once I turned 18, I began to watch more of them, and loved to watch shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians and lately Geordie Shore.

I had often wondered about the complete change in preference, one day over coffee with a male friend (T), the subject came up. He also liked these shows and told me they gave him a break from the outside world. That's when I got it, these 'reality' shows allow the viewer to step away from their own reality, to take a break from any issues or complications and get lost in someone else's drama, problems and celebrations. I have found that sometimes the drama on these shows is so extreme and escalates so quickly, that on reflection my own life, for a moment does not seem so chaotic.
They also allow the viewer to have a much needed relax, the storylines are not usually so complex that they need full focused attention, I often watch them when I have had a busy day at work or have had an upsetting day and need to unwind and not really think about anything for awhile.

One of my favourite celebrities is Lauren Conrad, I like that she has had her time as a reality tv personality and then used it in a positive way to create a brand, now releasing books- how tos and novels, use of social media, fashion lines and much more. Her own website provides an option to join up, add/make friends, share creative and fashion tips/likes/advice. 

I know alot of people are embarrased about these type of shows, but I am not. As a human race we like to be involved, to have a look at someone else's life for awhile.. these shows are perfect for that, they show I think a version of someone's reality.
Plus they provide a brilliant source for a guilty pleasure!
Which reality show has you obsessed? Or what guilty pleasures do you have? I will post a link later to my pinterest-I have a board dedicated to them!

Kooklah Xx

This is your world.

You have the power to create, change and improve your own life. You have to take charge, this is your life- make sure that you are in control of it. Everyone else has their own life to lead, their own choices to take and sometimes even their own mistakes to make. Don't let someone else change who you are, that can only be done if you let them, if you give up and let them take over. Decide who you are. This may be done through mistakes, experiences and challenges... But you will get there. Every single thing that happens to us in life helps shape our world. It is up to the individual to decide if you let it overcome you or if you take the pain, the hurt, the confusion, the challenge and USE it.
To Improve.
To Change.
To Grow.
To Learn.
To Let go.
To Move on.

Use it to become the person you want to be, or to validate who you are.
This is your life, are you going to live it? Are you going to give it all you have got? I hope so.
That is my plan, for every bad day, I will be that much more determined to wake up, get up and grab life with both hands and show it what I am made of. This is my life, based on my decisions.
And it is happening now.

Kooklah Xx

Thursday, June 7, 2012

sometimes it is hard not to believe in the fairy-tale

I think sometimes it is hard not to believe in the fairy-tale.

To believe in everything that is just and good and right. To believe that our stories will end with a happy ending. To find the one, our prince or princess, the ever elusive soul mate.

We were almost raised on it, through tales of princesses who go to sleep only to be woken by a kiss, fall in love with a beast, who kiss frogs, leave glass slippers and look into mirrors. Where birds help you get ready, everyone has perfect hair and good people struggle and then come out victorious.

And I can understand how it happens, what a wonderful thing to exist in a world that is full of wonder, imagination and hope. Where the impossible becomes possible and the characters follow or are ruled by their heart, instead of their head. To live to the full making the most of every moment.

Real life, I think can struggle to live up to the expectations of this world- we become so weighed down with daily stressors of work, finances and home. Been single, while I mostly love it, can have its drawbacks-bad dates, boys who don't call when they say they will, times when all your friends seem to be matched up or in love.
It doesn't mean you aren't happy with your life for the most part, but sometimes that need, the baser instinct for human connection creeps through. Sometimes all we need is someone to laugh and share our deepest thoughts, feelings, fantasies and secrets with.

So have that moment, the one where you dream of different skies, think about wandering to greener pastures.  But don't let it define you, the search I mean. I really think that the more you look for something, the less chance you have of finding it. If you stress out about finding the perfect guy, all you are going to see are imperfections and you will miss out on all the wonderful experiences you could be having. Like wandering and exploring the world, kissing cute boys on nights out, finding yourself, making mistakes that will help you find your way, enjoying time with friends and family and appreciating getting the chance to spend time on your own.                                     


I think it really comes down to using the fairy-tale as a source of inspiration or motivation, something that will help move you through difficult days in the real world and keep you dreaming at night. When you find the guy, you will know... But for now, you have the chance to make your own fairytale, that resolves around one character. You. So go on, create it, be a modern day princess. Make your own happy ending.

Kooklah, Xx

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To speak or not to speak..

Recently I was placed in a difficult and uncomfortable positon.

And yes, it was to do with a guy. I met this man last year, and we straight away had such a strong connection, alot of attraction and a spark that became evident to everyone around us, even if I hadn't told them. We worked in similar but different areas of the same workplace, but we crossed paths often. I quickly realised that this wasn't just an attraction, that it could lead to something deeper.

I was pretty sure he was the one, or at the very least a contender. I believe that someone can be 'the one' but that if the time and place isn't right, you can miss each other. As the timing wasn't perfect, he was kind of seeing someone we stayed friends but still the unspoken feelings remained. We flirted, hugged and were suggestive-things that without the complication of a girlfriend would have been considered normal and help to move the situation along but with the complication it was hard. Although I wouldn't say it stopped us from having contact, we had coffees, sought each other out. I am proud to say we never went further, despite how much we may have wanted to.

So life went on. We both moved to different workplaces, different locations for the remainder of the year but kept in touch, had a coffee every now and then. Then I ran into him this year, and he's leaving the country. In a short space of time I was confronted with the choice, to speak or not to speak.

Should I tell him how I feel? The thought made me so nervous because although I was sure (and so were many of my friends) I could still be rejected. Should I not say anything? Let him go, and see if we ever cross paths again. There was so much to consider. I had a week to do it.

I went to the farewell of his with a friend and things were the same with us even though it had been months apart, our eyes kept finding each other. We got to drinking and then it was time to leave, with all the people there I hadn't been able to find any time to talk to him on his own. So that's how it stayed. A long goodbye that left me in tears afterwards and a text message today wishing him a safe flight, to keep in touch, love kooklah. I guess only time will tell. I think I was right not to say anything, but I wish a situation had of presented where I could talk to him one on one and say how I felt. This keeps me sane: "Everything will be ok in the end, if it's not ok, it's not the end" - if he and I are destined to be together, it will happen, we will find each other. It may have been timing, or maybe fate stepped in to intervene.

Kooklah, Xx

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alone does not mean LONELY...

This is something that very little people realise. Been alone, does not have to mean that you are lacking, that there is something 'wrong' with you, or that you are in fact lonely. It just doesn't.

For me, been fully single again, I am loving it. My decisions pretty much revolve around me. What I want. What I need. What I dream. I don't have to check in.

It is also the best chance for me to really work out what I want out of life, where I see my life going and how I want to spend my time here on earth. But also, to find myself- discover what I like and don't like, what I love, what my dreams are, the experiences I want, the goals I have.

And I have questions.

Is my chosen career really for me? I am not totally sure... I used to be, but now I am not totally sure.
Should I do another degree, or a course?
What kind of place do I want to buy?
What qualities do I look for in a partner? Which of these will I compromise on? Which will be non-negotiable- and therefore highlight dealbreakers?
Who are the people in my life who really matter and treat me like I matter to them?

I will be using this time to sort these questions but also to discover who I am and become the best possible version of that. I want to travel and see the world, I want to express my beliefs and support them publicly, do a good deed everyday, write down three positive things from each day, experiement with hair, makeup, clothes and accessories, and most of all spend time with my friends and family who make my world better.

Kooklah Xx
-here is something to put a smile on a single girl's face

Saturday, March 3, 2012

working to live...

I honestly believe that we shouldn't be living to work, but rather working to live. One basically means the purpose of your life is to sit at that desk or answer to that boss...the other means you work to fund the life you want, or to provide experiences that put you in good stead-providing challenges or experiences that make you grow.

Now I don't mean that you shouldn't love your job or its not important, it is great if you love your job. I love mine although it tests the stress levels! But life should be about more than the work you do.
The places you go, the people you see and the things that you do are all important too and help make you who you are and form the memory you leave behind.

Life is meant to be lived- there is meant to be joy, uncertainty, sadness, confusion, excitement, sillyness, hope, fear and love. Just make the most of it because the saying "life is short"? It's completely true.

Have a good weekend.
K, Xx

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Current Inspiration to Save Money

My friend Maja asked me at a cafe one day last month if I had a holiday booked for this year, I hadn't but had already thought about taking two weeks off and travelling somewhere - have never been overseas but have ALWAYS wanted to!


 The main places I have wanted to go are Greece, America (New York-most importantly, San Fransisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami), Italy (I would love to  spend a month in this country and explore everything it has to offer), France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Fiji, Spain, Abu Dahbi, Belgium and Germany.

I cannot wait to pack my bags and wander around New York-
a city I have held an interest in since I was 10 (so nearly 13 years)

 The new york skyline- I have a photograph of it hanging in my room- time square and central park

We have so many ideas, especially sights to see but also alot of random and exciting/silly/fun ideas. Carriage rides, going to a baseball game-beer and a hotdog; followed by a sports bar, going and trying on Manolo Blahniks, having breakfast at Tiffanys, eating those large pizza slices, going to Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes, going out dressed up like the girls in Sex and the City or Gossip Girl and drinking cocktails and meeting cute boys. The empire state building, Trump Tower, Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn, go to Time Square, go to the 1800s Carousel in the park, go to Broadway

I cannot wait to fly off and start this adventure, so my main aim is to have more money then I will need saved by the time we have to pack up and go....
"..I'm leaving, on a jet plane.."

K, Xx

Do It Yourself-decorate candle votives

I saw these pictures and thought they would make wonderful gifts for someone special, or amazing decorations and centerpieces for events like weddings and birthdays.

I think this idea is amazing, all you need is some different sized jars, tealight candles and some decorative fabrics. Lace, twine, sheer fabrics and sequins all achieve a beautiful look with the glow of the candle clearly evident. Very easy, use glue to attach the decorations, collect jars from products you use out of your pantry and go to stores to buy ribbion or lace (maybe even use old clothing?). Experiment with different colours too, for a unique spin on this idea!

Use floating candles in water to create a classic but still breathtaking look. This look to the right is one of my favourites. I like the use of different size and shaped glasses, with white candles floating in the water on top of a wooden table. I think this is a very romantic look- perfect for a date, anniversary or marriage proposal.
This is a very pretty look below. The tall (but still different heights) glasses with water and pink candles. What makes this look so special is the use of pink glass beads put in the bottom of the glass with a few strands around the outside. Very soft and pretty, perfect for a girl's birthday, engagement party, hen's night or a wedding.

                                                                                                                                                                                 The use of decorations on the bottom of the glass votives adds another dimension to the floating candles. I love the flower or stone options but have also seen coins, diamonties and pearls


Candles simply in a vase with floral decorations-real or fake, scattered around the candle and then on the table is simple to achieve and looks incredible, as is adding a simple ribbion near the candle base.

And, to finish, an idea that I had never heard of or seen before, using 'citrus fruit shells' to hold candles. You cut the fruit in half and remove most of the fruit inside, and add a tealight candle (or add some water and a floating candle). Place three or four on a plate and put in the centre of the table. I think this is a very fresh idea and would be perfect for a summer barbeque!
Happy crafting! You don't have to be holding a special occasion or event to try these ideas, hold a mini dinner for you and some friends, or place them in your room! I think I am going to put a few in my room, good for nights when I'm listening to music or there is a storm I am watching.