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"Most of our lives are a series of images, they pass us by like towns on a highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever."-Lucas Eugene Scott [One Tree Hill, Season Three]

My posts will be about life, influenced by all the moments and memories that inspire, challenge and touch me..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inspire Me Monday

Inspire me Monday-that time of the week again (missed last week due to some personal stuff but this post should more than make up for it). Sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week....

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" Marilyn Monroe... These shoes are amazing, a clever take from Jimmy Choo on the gladiator sandal by turning them into classy heels with a touch of glitter, for all you Aussies, click here for an amazing discount from the Manolo Blahnik Australian Outlet.

Retreat Memories
Mentoring on my old high school's retreat (for the third year), supporting the students through highs and lows they have experienced as well as providing them with tools for the future. Three days. Unbelieveable memories. This was our outdoor thinking spot, a place to go, be still. I am thankful for the people I was lucky enough to meet, the moments shared, the way they have changed my life and made it better... Whenever I am stressed or upset, I will look back on this and breathe. My own little solace, my own piece of heaven.

Words for Thought
The way we think really impact on how we feel, how we act and the kind of life we have. The three days on the retreat really reinforced that to me, especially when the people I was working with kept telling me that they viewed me as positive, determined and supportive... It really showed me that the internal conflict I sometimes put myself through, really is worthless. If I keep my thoughts and outlook positive it should translate to my life.

Notice ME Nails
I love nicely painted nails, and lately I have been really obsessed with brightly coloured nails. They can add a pop of colour to basic or monochrome outfits (including a work uniform if your job allows it). Once I have finished my no shopping challenge, I think I might buy a bottle or two of Revlon's new Colourstay Longwear Nail enamel, in the theme of gelbased nail polish Revlon have released a product that is affordable, long lasting with bright and intense colours. Looking forward to trying it! (colour pictured is Stormy Night)

A Journey to Jane's World
I have always wanted to read the works of Jane Austen, not just the six main novels but also her short stories and works collected after she died. One of my favourite movies is The Jane Austen Book Club (click the link for the trailor). So today I have started 'Pride and Prejudice' so far I am loving it. Have you read any of the novels?

Here's to another week, looking forward to a midweek break when one of my best friends and I are heading to the coast to eat good food, watch dvds, snuggle under bankets and enjoy each others company.
What is inspiring your week? Kooklah Xx....

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