The important thing to remember is that it is the journey that counts, not the destination..

"Most of our lives are a series of images, they pass us by like towns on a highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever."-Lucas Eugene Scott [One Tree Hill, Season Three]

My posts will be about life, influenced by all the moments and memories that inspire, challenge and touch me..

Thursday, June 28, 2012

happy days

Some days I wake up and I have this amazing, warm feeling. The sun seems brighter, the sky is blue-r and everything seems to have a wonderful magic or music to it

This is how I woke up this morning. Bliss. The fact that I am with one of my best friends just adds to it. So far it has been a morning of giant coffee cups, laughing, amenities with music constantly playing,  doritos, salsa and the best guacamole I have ever had, the O.C, lunch plans and an old friend coming to visit us tonight!

Hope everyone finds some magic today,
Kooklah Xx

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time away with the best friend..

One of my best friends and I packed our bags this afternoon and headed a couple hours away to the coast.. Few days of relaxing, catching up, fun and adventures are on our agenda..

I love a midweek vacation. Brightens the soul alittle and takes away from stress that can build up during the week. We have dvds, good food  and some cocktails to drink...ladies of leisure for a few days.

Can't wait to update on the fun times had! Love you miss Emma T!
Kooklah Xx

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inspire Me Monday

Inspire me Monday-that time of the week again (missed last week due to some personal stuff but this post should more than make up for it). Sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week....

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" Marilyn Monroe... These shoes are amazing, a clever take from Jimmy Choo on the gladiator sandal by turning them into classy heels with a touch of glitter, for all you Aussies, click here for an amazing discount from the Manolo Blahnik Australian Outlet.

Retreat Memories
Mentoring on my old high school's retreat (for the third year), supporting the students through highs and lows they have experienced as well as providing them with tools for the future. Three days. Unbelieveable memories. This was our outdoor thinking spot, a place to go, be still. I am thankful for the people I was lucky enough to meet, the moments shared, the way they have changed my life and made it better... Whenever I am stressed or upset, I will look back on this and breathe. My own little solace, my own piece of heaven.

Words for Thought
The way we think really impact on how we feel, how we act and the kind of life we have. The three days on the retreat really reinforced that to me, especially when the people I was working with kept telling me that they viewed me as positive, determined and supportive... It really showed me that the internal conflict I sometimes put myself through, really is worthless. If I keep my thoughts and outlook positive it should translate to my life.

Notice ME Nails
I love nicely painted nails, and lately I have been really obsessed with brightly coloured nails. They can add a pop of colour to basic or monochrome outfits (including a work uniform if your job allows it). Once I have finished my no shopping challenge, I think I might buy a bottle or two of Revlon's new Colourstay Longwear Nail enamel, in the theme of gelbased nail polish Revlon have released a product that is affordable, long lasting with bright and intense colours. Looking forward to trying it! (colour pictured is Stormy Night)

A Journey to Jane's World
I have always wanted to read the works of Jane Austen, not just the six main novels but also her short stories and works collected after she died. One of my favourite movies is The Jane Austen Book Club (click the link for the trailor). So today I have started 'Pride and Prejudice' so far I am loving it. Have you read any of the novels?

Here's to another week, looking forward to a midweek break when one of my best friends and I are heading to the coast to eat good food, watch dvds, snuggle under bankets and enjoy each others company.
What is inspiring your week? Kooklah Xx....

Friday, June 15, 2012

Life's Small Pleasures...

Sometimes, after a busy few days, I like to have some 'me-time'. A chance to unwind, release stress and just relax for an hour or so.

Tonight, i came home from work, showered and got into winter pjs...then I settled into bed with a small bar of hazelnut chocolate to watch some episodes of "The Secret Life of Us".. I haven't seen it before, I was too young when it was first on tv. But even years later, the show resonates... the feeling you get with great friends-like tge world is yours, how great it is to have a male best friend, complicated or unsatisfying love lives and struggling to excel and enjoy your job.

With the plot and characters playing in the background, my room softly lit with the light of the feels pretty damn good right now. There is so much coming up on the horizon. And I can't wait.
Kooklah Xx

Monday, June 11, 2012

Inspire me Monday...

Inspire me Monday, because sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week....

(This is a 'co-post' with my Style blog- For the Style Seeking Girl Check it out)

Get Lost in the Music- Trial Kennedy, the Final Tour
(One of my favourite indie bands on the Australian Scene, saying goodbye at one last show)

Hairspiration- Braided Topknots
(Such a cute, fun and original take on one of my favourite hairstyle the topknot.
Check out my post on topknots: The Carrie Bradshaw Bun)

Wanderlust- New York City Calling
(Have a trip booked for September in New York City is one of the destinations!
So excited, cannot wait to explore the city I've been dreaming of all these years. Getting butterflies everytime it's mentioned! See this post on NYC as my money saving inspiration)

Look at ME Legs- Embellished Stockings
(A trend full of style, individuality and Sparkle... Click here for more)

Guilty Pleasure Read- Sugar and Spice
(Third novel in the L.A Candy Series by Lauren Conrad)

What is your favourite OR what is giving you inspiration at the start of the week? Check out my style blog For the Style Seeking Girl, or look me up and follow me on Pinterest. Hope your week started good!

Kooklah Xx

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reality TV Love

When I was going through school I was never the biggest fan of reality tv-apart from shows like the block. But once I turned 18, I began to watch more of them, and loved to watch shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians and lately Geordie Shore.

I had often wondered about the complete change in preference, one day over coffee with a male friend (T), the subject came up. He also liked these shows and told me they gave him a break from the outside world. That's when I got it, these 'reality' shows allow the viewer to step away from their own reality, to take a break from any issues or complications and get lost in someone else's drama, problems and celebrations. I have found that sometimes the drama on these shows is so extreme and escalates so quickly, that on reflection my own life, for a moment does not seem so chaotic.
They also allow the viewer to have a much needed relax, the storylines are not usually so complex that they need full focused attention, I often watch them when I have had a busy day at work or have had an upsetting day and need to unwind and not really think about anything for awhile.

One of my favourite celebrities is Lauren Conrad, I like that she has had her time as a reality tv personality and then used it in a positive way to create a brand, now releasing books- how tos and novels, use of social media, fashion lines and much more. Her own website provides an option to join up, add/make friends, share creative and fashion tips/likes/advice. 

I know alot of people are embarrased about these type of shows, but I am not. As a human race we like to be involved, to have a look at someone else's life for awhile.. these shows are perfect for that, they show I think a version of someone's reality.
Plus they provide a brilliant source for a guilty pleasure!
Which reality show has you obsessed? Or what guilty pleasures do you have? I will post a link later to my pinterest-I have a board dedicated to them!

Kooklah Xx

This is your world.

You have the power to create, change and improve your own life. You have to take charge, this is your life- make sure that you are in control of it. Everyone else has their own life to lead, their own choices to take and sometimes even their own mistakes to make. Don't let someone else change who you are, that can only be done if you let them, if you give up and let them take over. Decide who you are. This may be done through mistakes, experiences and challenges... But you will get there. Every single thing that happens to us in life helps shape our world. It is up to the individual to decide if you let it overcome you or if you take the pain, the hurt, the confusion, the challenge and USE it.
To Improve.
To Change.
To Grow.
To Learn.
To Let go.
To Move on.

Use it to become the person you want to be, or to validate who you are.
This is your life, are you going to live it? Are you going to give it all you have got? I hope so.
That is my plan, for every bad day, I will be that much more determined to wake up, get up and grab life with both hands and show it what I am made of. This is my life, based on my decisions.
And it is happening now.

Kooklah Xx

Thursday, June 7, 2012

sometimes it is hard not to believe in the fairy-tale

I think sometimes it is hard not to believe in the fairy-tale.

To believe in everything that is just and good and right. To believe that our stories will end with a happy ending. To find the one, our prince or princess, the ever elusive soul mate.

We were almost raised on it, through tales of princesses who go to sleep only to be woken by a kiss, fall in love with a beast, who kiss frogs, leave glass slippers and look into mirrors. Where birds help you get ready, everyone has perfect hair and good people struggle and then come out victorious.

And I can understand how it happens, what a wonderful thing to exist in a world that is full of wonder, imagination and hope. Where the impossible becomes possible and the characters follow or are ruled by their heart, instead of their head. To live to the full making the most of every moment.

Real life, I think can struggle to live up to the expectations of this world- we become so weighed down with daily stressors of work, finances and home. Been single, while I mostly love it, can have its drawbacks-bad dates, boys who don't call when they say they will, times when all your friends seem to be matched up or in love.
It doesn't mean you aren't happy with your life for the most part, but sometimes that need, the baser instinct for human connection creeps through. Sometimes all we need is someone to laugh and share our deepest thoughts, feelings, fantasies and secrets with.

So have that moment, the one where you dream of different skies, think about wandering to greener pastures.  But don't let it define you, the search I mean. I really think that the more you look for something, the less chance you have of finding it. If you stress out about finding the perfect guy, all you are going to see are imperfections and you will miss out on all the wonderful experiences you could be having. Like wandering and exploring the world, kissing cute boys on nights out, finding yourself, making mistakes that will help you find your way, enjoying time with friends and family and appreciating getting the chance to spend time on your own.                                     


I think it really comes down to using the fairy-tale as a source of inspiration or motivation, something that will help move you through difficult days in the real world and keep you dreaming at night. When you find the guy, you will know... But for now, you have the chance to make your own fairytale, that resolves around one character. You. So go on, create it, be a modern day princess. Make your own happy ending.

Kooklah, Xx