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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do It Yourself-decorate candle votives

I saw these pictures and thought they would make wonderful gifts for someone special, or amazing decorations and centerpieces for events like weddings and birthdays.

I think this idea is amazing, all you need is some different sized jars, tealight candles and some decorative fabrics. Lace, twine, sheer fabrics and sequins all achieve a beautiful look with the glow of the candle clearly evident. Very easy, use glue to attach the decorations, collect jars from products you use out of your pantry and go to stores to buy ribbion or lace (maybe even use old clothing?). Experiment with different colours too, for a unique spin on this idea!

Use floating candles in water to create a classic but still breathtaking look. This look to the right is one of my favourites. I like the use of different size and shaped glasses, with white candles floating in the water on top of a wooden table. I think this is a very romantic look- perfect for a date, anniversary or marriage proposal.
This is a very pretty look below. The tall (but still different heights) glasses with water and pink candles. What makes this look so special is the use of pink glass beads put in the bottom of the glass with a few strands around the outside. Very soft and pretty, perfect for a girl's birthday, engagement party, hen's night or a wedding.

                                                                                                                                                                                 The use of decorations on the bottom of the glass votives adds another dimension to the floating candles. I love the flower or stone options but have also seen coins, diamonties and pearls


Candles simply in a vase with floral decorations-real or fake, scattered around the candle and then on the table is simple to achieve and looks incredible, as is adding a simple ribbion near the candle base.

And, to finish, an idea that I had never heard of or seen before, using 'citrus fruit shells' to hold candles. You cut the fruit in half and remove most of the fruit inside, and add a tealight candle (or add some water and a floating candle). Place three or four on a plate and put in the centre of the table. I think this is a very fresh idea and would be perfect for a summer barbeque!
Happy crafting! You don't have to be holding a special occasion or event to try these ideas, hold a mini dinner for you and some friends, or place them in your room! I think I am going to put a few in my room, good for nights when I'm listening to music or there is a storm I am watching.

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