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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thought of the Day 24/03/13

Today's Thought of the Day (24/03/13)...

I am all for helping other people and doing selfless acts... you just need to make sure that you do not repeatedly go without or put yourself last. Sometimes you need to come first. If you surround yourself with people who just take and take -  you will end up feeling empty, lonely and totally worn out. Make sure that you make time to enjoy your own company, refresh and be happy.

After two hectic shifts at work the last few days I plan on putting aside time to do just that tomorrow.
I am thinking:
*Watch some more NCIS episodes (re-obsessed with the show and currently watching them in order)
*Washing my hair - those of you who read 'sister-blog' For the Style Seeking Girl and have read a post about hair washing and work would know that I HATE washing my hair in between shifts unless absolutley necessary (plus had a fundraiser on last night so had no time to do so). Read "The Go-to for needs-to-be-washed hair" for more information!
*At least an hour at the gym
*Lighting my favourite vanilla candle

What will you do? (P.s - I have more widely touched on the concept of treating yourself kindly and attending to self-care in "Making time...for Self Care")
Kooklah Xx

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