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"Most of our lives are a series of images, they pass us by like towns on a highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever."-Lucas Eugene Scott [One Tree Hill, Season Three]

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Thought of the Day 22/03/13

I love the idea of picking a quote to sum up my thoughts or feelings for a day..


This year I have made a really big effort to just let things BE.
You cannot control everything - situations, people.. Stress and worry are not good for you.
No one should keep that negativity around, if something is out of your control, you need to try and let it go. At least put it out of your mind, focus on other things.
Sometimes you just need to move on or spend your time another way. Focus on positive things.
I have had a couple of things happen this year that I have just had to move away from. I decided that 2013 would be my year, and have kept focused on that. I cannot control how other people will act. I can control how I act or how I let things affect me.
So what I am saying is, if things don't seem to be working out - if there is conflict with friends or family, that cute boy seems to have dropped off the earth or you are finding life difficult... take some time to refocus, breathe and just BE. Appreciate flowers, a sunny day, play your favourite song, get some sleep. Make sure you surround yourself with people who make you happy and positive.
If something is meant to be, it really will happen ... all in due time.
I believe it.
Kooklah Xx

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