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Thursday, January 19, 2012

to do this summer

Since the end of December I have been working at completing a list I wrote, a summer bucket list if you will. I have 130 items on my list. I have completed around 44 of them with plans in place for the next few days to ensure I tick a few more off the list as well. Here is the list, I will update it tomorrow as to what I have completed already. It has been a really fun experience, and has encouraged me to make the most of every day and to appreciate the smaller things, particularly those I haven't done since I was a child.

So here is the list!!

1. Go on a picnic

2. Get up and watch a sunrise

3. Watch a sunset

4. Lie under the stars

5. Sleep under the stars

6. Lie on the grass and look at the clouds

7. Dance in the rain

8. Climb trees

9. Make a daisy chain

10. Water fight

11. Hand-feed an animal

12. Go on a hike/long walk

13. Watch Fireworks

14. Sleep on beach

15. Go to a pool party

16. Plant something

17. Walk Charlie (my dog)

18. Build a sandcastle

19. Look through telescope

20. Go on a boat

21. Dump a bucket of water on yourself

22. Mini golf/aqua golf

23. Walk along the beach

24. Beach at night

25. Jump on trampoline

26. Watch storm

27. Make a new friend

28. Girls night with Isabella and her 'chosen crew'

29. Play indoor

30. Cocktail night

31. Watch silence of the lambs with mum

32. Have/go to a bbq

33. Sleepover -old fashioned style

34. Start watching all of Seinfeld in order

35. Birthday dinner with Laura at Silo

36. Cook dinner for family

37. Photobooth pictures

38. Put message inside balloons and give them to someone

39. hang out with someone you haven't seen in ages

40. Hug someone each day

41. Read 10-15 books

42. rearrange/redecorate room

43. Write a chapter/multple pages of Violet story

44. Go to a movie alone

45. See a psychic

46. Create quote wall

47. Have a remedial massage

48. Have a facial

49. Paint nails all different colours

50. Scrabook event/friend/holiday

51. Develop Melbourne photos

52. Daily log photos on facebook

53. Time capsule

54. Stay up all night

55. Laser tag/paint ball

56. Send message in a bottle (or equivalent)

57. Create a summer playlist

58. Dance to the playlist in loungeroom or outside

59. Tie a secret to a balloon and let it go

60. Volunteer somewhere

61. Regular gym/fitness workouts

62. Do a good deed

63. Scream (empty room/isolated beach/roadside)

64. Send a postcard

65. Master five new hairstyles

66. Perfect a braid

67. Write a will/directive

68. Donate blood

69. Go to a fair

70. Have an ice cream spider

71. Put glitter hairspray in hair

72. Fingerpaint

73. Blow bubbles

74. Wear glowsticks

75. Watch 5 disney movies

76. Finish watching supernatural

77. Colour in

78. Climb on a jungle gym/play equipment

79. Skip with skipping rope/hula hoop

80. Go iceskating/rollerskating

81. Play truth and dare

82. Play fifa and kinect on xbox

83. Play board games

84. Play twister

85. Play bowling/yard boulee

86. Learn how to make a piece of origami

87. Make and fly a paper aeroplane

88. Play with a puppy/kitten

89. Buy someone a meal

90. Make iced tea or sangria

91. Donate money

92. Have a fondue night

93. Have/help with dinner party

94. Spend a day baking

95. Make homemade beauty products

96. Go on a mini road trip

97. Go to jets game not at newcastle

98. Go to a museum/gallery

99. Stay in a hotel after a night out

100. Go to a gig

101. Go to a market

102. Go on a gaol tour

103. Visit tourist spot near own home

104. Go through an open house

105. Go to an expensive store and try on clothes without buying anything

106. Send/give someone flowers for no reason

107. Write someone a letter

108. Tell someone how much they mean to you

109. Rent/watch history boys and two hands

110. Buy something from a yard sale

111. Meet a celebrity/near celebrity

112. Write letter to newspaper/magazine/ politician

113. Restore/revive blog

114. Revamp/create something with old clothes

115. Go to a Greek restaurant

116. opshop/vintage shop on a budget to create an outfit

117. Write a fan letter

118. Old movie day

119. Hippie day

120. Rockclimb

121. Go out and kiss/use a pick up line on a guy

122. Repaint my room

123. Tell a stranger they are beautiful/look good

124. Have a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine

125. Go on or book a hot air balloon ride

126. Spend one day without using electricity

127. Send away for a passport

128. Start planning overseas trip

129. Create an Autumn list

130. Begin a bucket list for life (put a big piece of cardboard on door and write everything and anything that I think of)

I hope this list motivates someone!
K, Xx

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