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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bucket List

"Stop being afraid and start living instead..."

In A New Year, A New You I wrote about my zest for 2013 and all that it could promise. Here is the bucket list that I formed with friends (we all have different ones):

§  Go in a hot air balloon

§  Go to an AFL game

§  See a champion league or world cup game (football)

§  Go skydiving

§  Experience the tomato festival in spain

§  Have octoberfest in Germany

§  Spend 2-4 weeks in Italy

§  Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

§  Go on the London eye

§  Climb the Eiffel Tower (bonus if have champagne there)

§  Spend NYE in Times Square, New York

§  Ride horseback on a beach or at sunset

§  Ride a camel

§  Have a guinness or spend St Patrick’s Day in Ireland

§  Go to Stonehenge

§  See a show at the Moulin Rouge

§  Buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks

§  Go see Anzac Cove (preferably on Anzac Day)

§  Lighten hair – sme version of blonde (caramel, raspberry etc)

§  Go to a gun range
* Achieve my ideal weight

§  Take part in a masquerade ball

§  Throw a drink in someone’s face

§  See snow

The list is random and just full of things I have always wanted to do, I am sure I will add to it. But this is how it stands as of 30.12.2012.
Looking forward to completing this, What I love about it is that it feeds my current state of wanderlust! Do you have a bucket list, or item you really want to complete?
* = added since 30/12/12

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